Blue Aster Studio

Blue Aster Studio was founded by husband-and-wife team David and Jennie Orr. We are located in Bloomington, Indiana, where we're part of a vibrant and diverse community surrounded by natural beauty.

We don't see the client relationship as a one-way street, rather, it's a partnership between equals. We each bring our own experience and expertise to the table, collaboratively finding a solution that works. In our work as in our life, we are dedicated to empathy, curiosity, and diligence.

The greatest thing about this line of work is that we learn so much from our clients. Over the years, we've been privileged to work with a diverse collection of organizations large and small, global and local. We've worked with researchers and educators, congressional campaigns and local politicians, international corporations and small business owners. Our goal? To make the world a better place by helping you reach your goal.


David Orr

Illustrator and designer

Jennie Orr

Project manager and art director