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New Year’s Resolutions To Save Wildlife

Green LivingJennie Orr

Here are a few small New Year’s resolutions anyone can do to help save wildlife and reduce pollution

  1. Stop using plastic bags for shopping
    Plastic pollution is a huge problem in our oceans, and while much of it has to do with the commercial fishing industry, we owe it to the Earth to cut back as much as we can. One way we have cut back in our home is by carrying our own bags. Besides the many totes we use for the grocery, we have cool fold-up bags we carry to use in any store.

  2. Switch to reusable straws
    While outright straw bans are unfair to many disabled people, if you are able to reduce your use of plastic straws, switching to a compostable or reusable one (we love our stainless steel set) is another good way to pitch in.

  3. Using reusable cups for coffee/tea
    Most coffee shops are happy to fill your own cup, so if you don’t have time to brew it yourself, take your insulated mug.

  4. Stop using balloons and reach out to organizations that do to ask them to stop
    This has become a huge pet peeve of ours, to be honest! Balloons released by the thousands for a few seconds of entertainment eventually fall to earth as non-biodegradable pollution and post a danger to wildlife who can become tangled in strings or choke on balloons. It’s not worth it.

  5. Plant some native plants for pollinators/let part of your yard go wild
    This has been one of the most joyful things we’ve done, and the environmental benefits are the frosting on top! Add beauty throughout the year and find a deeper connection with nature as you watch wildlife live where you live.

  6. Set up a bee hotel
    There are so many fun options to choose from when you set out to provide lodging for solitary bees. Whether you buy one pre-made or use one of the many DIY project plans out there, giving a home to some of our overlooked pollinators is a great choice.

  7. Start composting or join a composting service
    One way we keep our trash can light is by composting everything we can. Now, our little household of two usually only puts out trash to be picked up twice a month at most. Our plants enjoy the nutrient-rich soil amendments and our kitchen is less smelly, too!