Blue Aster Studio

Shark Week 2016: Illustrating Endangered Species

David Orr

Just over a week ago, we stood up on our social media soapbox and announced to the world that Blue Aster Studio was open for business. We hung out our shingle on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Our launch coincided with another event: the annual Shark Week, which was begun by Discovery Networks as a week-long block of shark-themed programming, but has been seized upon by savvy conservation researchers, activists, and organizations to educate about the challenges sharks face in the wild. We thought it was a great chance to design some graphics to promote shark conservation and celebrate these amazing animals.

We started off with a colorful tiger shark illustration to celebrate the event.

Then, we launched a series of graphics to promote sharks that are on the IUCN Red List, the world's most comprehensive database of endangered species. It was fun to research and create these and highlight some lesser-known sharks - in addition to one of the most iconic.

To round out the week, we devised "Shark Size Extremes," a fun infographic that compares two of the largest sharks, the whale shark and the long-extinct megalodon, with one of the smallest of the sharks, the bioluminescent dwarf lanternshark.

It was a blast to create this set of designs celebrating sharks. We plan on creating similar graphics for other environmental observances throughout the year, so please do follow us on our social media channels - again, those are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We are keen to work with non-profits as well as private companies to devise new ways to educate the public, produce content marketing materials, and help increase awareness of important environmental issues. Contact us to get the ball rolling!