Services Provided

  • Illustration

  • Social media consultation

  • Visual identity

  • Logo design

  • Social media event coordination

  • Merchandise design

About the Project

David Steen is a wildlife ecologist who loves to interact with the public about wildlife conservation, especially about snakes of the eastern US. He was in need of a graphic designer to help create a set of eye-catching visuals to help engage with his audience. Working from his established hashtags, we created a logo and a full set of illustrated graphics which help him educate the public about easily misidentified snakes. We also established The Snake Shop on our on-line store, which benefits Advocates for Snake Preservation.

To promote the release of the graphics and further Dr. Steen's mission, we also organized the #SnakeTownHall Twitter event, pulling together experts from across the US to take questions about snakes from the public and discuss the challenges of snake conservation.