Blue Aster Studio


Our Story

Husband-and-wife team David and Jennie Orr founded Blue Aster Studio to spread their love of nature and environmental conservation.

They began by helping a local non-profit with their public outreach efforts, and have been able to connect with scientists and non-profit organizations all over the world through social media.

Now, Blue Aster Studio has a full line of nature inspired products and continues to work with clients to create engaging designs and illustrations.

Blue Aster Studio is located in Bloomington, Indiana, and is part of a vibrant and diverse community surrounded by natural beauty.


Inspired by Nature

Many Blue Aster designs start with a personal experience. Whether watching pollinators in their native plant gardens or hiking trails in state or national parks, David and Jennie love to spend time in nature. These encounters with flora and fauna become the inspiration for their stickers, buttons, and prints.

Their goal is to take inspiration from their surroundings and create eye catching conversation starters for their fellow nature lovers.



Handmade with Care

Blue Aster Studio is a small company, run from a home office. They design all of their own work, and most merchandise is produced by hand, on site.

In keeping with their love and respect for the environment, David and Jennie make an effort to work sustainably, using recycled, reused, and compostable materials whenever possible.